Medical Negligence claims are unfortunately on the rise, primarily due to the pressures of an overstretched National Health Service.

In the UK we put our faith into our health service and are confident that those professionals are able to provide a safe and reliable service. As medical negligence solicitors we see many cases where highly trained medical staff have made mistakes, which can change the lives of the patients, and their relatives, forever.

Often in medical negligence cases the victims and their families are left confused and upset that the health system has failed them, however Lawson Taylor Solicitors are here to provide support and expert medical negligence legal advice.

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Medical negligence is a term used to describe the failure of medical staff by not acting in the best interests of a patient’s health.

These mistakes can cover anything from giving the patient the wrong medicine or a misdiagnosis to failing to spot a potentially fatal illness.

Common areas of medical negligence that experienced medical negligence solicitors Lawson Taylor Solicitors have dealt with include cosmetic surgery claims, dental claims, gynaecology claims and medical and surgery negligence claims.

Victims of medical negligence are eligible to make a compensation claim whether the failure by medical staff was carried out in private or NHS healthcare.


Making a medical negligence claim can be a daunting prospect, however receiving a compensation award can help to cover losses incurred such as any further medical treatment that may be needed and time taken off work.

Making a medical negligence compensation claim can also help to prevent the same types of mistakes being made to other patients.

Unfortunately, medical negligence claims have a time limit, we recommend beginning the claims process within 3 years after the incident. Medical negligence claims can also be made by relatives of those who have lost their lives due to the failings of medical professionals.

At Lawson Taylor Solicitors we have a comprehensive claims process that ensures our clients are compensated for all the losses incurred as a result of medical negligence or malpractice.

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