Our specialists can advise you in relation to food, food supplement and feed safety and compliance issues from inception to production, to include the design of traceability, corrective action and recall procedures. Our advice covers all areas of risk management for manufacturers and suppliers, to include allergen management and control procedures.


Our expert food regulatory lawyers regularly advise in relation to food contact material regulations, food information and labelling provisions as well as marketing and health and nutrition claims. Our lawyers advise in relation to new and evolving products, such as CBD, and can provide advice in relation to novel food provisions.


Our expert food lawyers can advise you in relation to how best to take your product to market, to include how to address distribution agreements and liability issues. We provide specialist advice on limiting liability for food, food supplement and feed products.


Our specialists can advise you in relation to food and feed safety issues requiring corrective action and/or recalls. Our lawyers can advise you in relation to when and how to notify statutory agencies of safety issues. We have dealt with contamination and recall issues relating to enzymes and processing agents, pesticide residues, allergen contamination and manufacturing failures.


We have a critical incident protocol service for clients with a 24/7 advice service. We are able to assist you at short notice at any time to deal with business-critical incidents and work with you to protect your brand and reputation.


Our food law specialists can advise you in relation to raids and the exercise of statutory investigative powers by regulators. We can advise you in relation to all aspects of a food safety regulatory criminal investigation, and help you ensure that you and/or your organisation deal efficiently and effectively with any case.


We have a dedicated and experienced team of solicitors and barristers able to advise and appear on your behalf in the event of a criminal prosecution in any Court.


Our expert food lawyers are able to advise you in relation to defending and pursuing civil claims for compensation for breach of contract/negligence/strict liability resulting from food and feed safety issues. We also advise on recoverability of losses from other parties who may have contributed to the reason for the incident occurring.