Risk Management


We help clients to identify circumstances in which incidents posing a risk to the beneficiaries, assets, or reputation of a charity require reporting to the Charity Commission and how such reports can best be framed. We also advise on regular bulk reporting and the management of any ongoing involvement with the Commission going forward.


We help charities and their trustees to navigate the requirements of governance compliance reviews and statutory inquiries, assisting with the collation, presentation and provision of relevant information, managing communications and preparing for and providing support at meetings or interviews with the Charity Commission.


In light of evolving guidance from the Charity Commission, we help you to put effective safeguarding measures in place to protect people who come into contact with your charity, including children and vulnerable adults, while also taking into account the differing regulations applying between England and Wales.


We advise on the practical policies that charities can introduce to comply with relevant legislation and best practice, with a view to creating an organisational culture which is less susceptible to risk and is able to effectively manage incidents which do occur.


We provide training to trustees of charities of all forms and sizes on their personal duties and responsibilities as trustees, as well as on the steps that they can put in place to identify risks and manage those that arise, with a view to minimising the risk of personal liability attaching to their collective decision-making.


We advise trustees on the management of conflicts of interest and other challenging decisions arising in the course of carrying out their duties as trustees, with a view to managing or preventing problems arising within their organisation or externally.