Lawson Taylor Solicitors Ltd was formed in 2011, Lawson Taylor Solicitors has always operated in the North-West and we have been in Blackburn since the commencement of the Solicitors for both individuals and organisations.

Whether you are seeking us to solve complex issues within the construction, Finance or shipping industries, or providing advice across insurance, energy or Utilities, we are specialist lawyers here to add value to our clients and or their businesses. We think about the commercial and economically viable solution first, and then underpin our advice with a solid foundation of legal expertise.

We are constantly to assist and enhance our services for Clients, Lawson Taylor Solicitors has made substantial investments in continued development with state-of-the-art digital technology and developed innovative departments to raise quality and drive down costs, whilst actively pursuing the best outcomes for our clients.

Working closely with our clients and offering accurate on time solutions for their needs is what Lawson Taylor Solicitors, past and future success is built on.